You can achieve great skin without surgery and long downtimes. Chemical Peels vary in strengths and ingredients for specific skin concerns. Chemical Peel treatments are quick and maximum results are typically seen within a week. The extra time off around the holidays could be the perfect time to schedule a chemical peel.

What can a Chemical Peel Do?

Clearing Acne

Acne can be tough and it presents itself differently between individuals.  Chemical Peels exfoliate the top, outer layer of the skin and open up the pores so they are no longer clogged. Chemical Peels geared for acne will contain solutions to dry out active acne and prevent the development of new acne formation.

Collagen Production

Collagen is what makes our skin plump and youthful. A chemical peel can stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and improve the look of skin over time. This is also what aids in smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles. Results are best when done in a series.

Smooth Scarring and Improve Texture

Scarring left from acne or other conditions is a common complaint we see in clients. Chemical peels help fade scaring and smooth out the skin tone.

Uneven skin tone and texture is very common. With a series of chemical peels it can help smooth out the complexion and blend redness, discoloration, and sun damage. The deep exfoliation received from a chemical peel can smooth rough patches or bumps that cause uneven texture. 

Glowing Skin

We all want that healthy glow to our skin. Dull skin looks dry and unhealthy and it also ages us. A chemical peel exfoliates all those dead skin cells that are hiding your natural glow. This type of exfoliation allows for better product penetrate – meaning your skincare products can work better, because they do not have to fight their way through those layers of dead skin cells.

Shrink Pores

Enlarged pores are typically caused by clogged pores and build up on the skin. Clogged pores can cause breakouts and if not treated they can continue to make the pores larger. Chemical peels will shrink enlarged pores and remove build up to prevent them from becoming larger. 

Radiant Skin Can Be Yours

If you have any of the concerns discussed above a chemical peel(s) could be a great option to consider. Chemical peels are non-invasive, can be done in less than 30 minutes, and can deliver amazing results. Shedding and healing time can differ between peels and their designated treatment protocols. If you think a chemical peel could be right for you come and see us at Belle Meade Medical Spa in Nashville. We are here to help you reach your specific skin goals!

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