Sexual dysfunction is often swept under the rug. ED is a condition that some suffer in private, because they feel that it is embarrassing to talk about. As all men age their testosterone levels slowly decrease, which can increase their chances of developing ED or Erectile Dysfunction. Truth is, it is much more common than you may think – statistics say 50% of men, 40 and older have experienced it at some point in time. Sexual health is important to your overall health and with modern medicine almost all cases can be reversed. Belle Meade Medical Spa in Nashville, TN offers several different options to help restore proper function.

Erectile Dysfunction in men

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Erectile Dysfunction occurs when it becomes harder for a man to maintain an erection or get one at all. The chances of developing ED increase with age, but can occur in men as young as in their 20s. With age, the structural elements of the penis start to weaken and are not be as robust as they once were. However, there can be both physical and psychological elements contributing to this condition.

Some factors can include:

Luckily, there are now options other than taking medication every time you would like to be intimate or having surgery to correct the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction in men

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Alma Duo

Alma Duo, a non-invasive shockwave therapy device that helps to restore function back into the tissue naturally, without medications or costly surgery. Shockwave therapy works by creating ultrasonic micro-injuries to the tissues that then heal themselves. This causes the body to naturally respond and bring blood flow back into the connective tissues of the penis. This non-invasive treatment is 100% painless and requires no recovery or downtime.


This treatment method involves cellular factors being injected into the cavernous structures of the penis to regenerate the integrity of the tissues. The P-Shot procedure is ideal for males seeking to have a fuller erection and higher levels of sensitivity.

Sexual Enhancement Peptides

The use of peptides is typically done in conjunction with either of the above treatments. Belle Meade Medical Spa offers a variety of peptide options; from nasal sprays to topical creams. Peptides can be a great way to bring back the spark and sensation into the bedroom.

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