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IV Hydration

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Boost Performance

Increase Energy

Detox Your Body

Boost Immunity

Our IV Hydration Therapies

Water + Electrolytes + Vitamins

  • Performance & Recovery $150

    Need to perform at your best? The blend of hydration + electrolytes + vitamins in our Nashville performance and recovery IV hydration therapy is exactly what your body needs to improve your endurance and muscle strength.

  • Body Detox $150

    Our bodies rely on vital nutrition and hydration to cleanse our kidneys, liver, and gut of impurities and harmful pathogens. Improve your gut health with our intravenous body detox offered in Nashville.

  • Immune Boost $275

    Give your immune system a boost with a high dose of vitamins and minerals along with refreshing hydration. Help prevent illness from virus and bacteria.

  • Energy Boost $185

    Your diet may not be enough to sustain a healthy metabolism. Give yourself a much needed energy boost by infusing pure hydration with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C.

  • Stress Reducer $195

    Enjoy the calming atmosphere in our luxury suite while you replenish your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Promote rest, healing, and recover naturally.

  • Hangover $225

    The number one cause of a hangover is not too much alcohol, it's a depletion of electrolytes. Recover within hours with the blend of hydration and electrolytes in our Nashville IV hydration therapy to get you back on your feet.

Feel replenished, not caffeinated.
  • Why take expensive vitamins and oral supplements? Our Nashville IV hydration therapy is the best way to get the nutrients directly into your system yielding maximal results and really change how your body behaves. We offer a wide range of IVs geared towards helping your specific issue. Please ask our consultant which IV may be best for your particular situation.

IV Hydration
  • Fluid + Electrolytes + Vitamins
  • Increase Energy & Performance
  • Boost Immunity + Detox Body
  • Rapid Nutrition + Minerals for Cells

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