Belle Meade Medical Spa’s Opus Plasma from Alma Lasers takes a Good Housekeeping “All-Star
Anti-Ager” Award!

“A novel alternative to lasers, this derm procedure uses plasma, an ionically charged gar, for a
similar long-term anti-aging benefits with less downtime.”
– Good Housekeeping

If you have researched skin resurfacing or rejuvenation treatments, you might want to add this
breakthrough treatment to your list of treatments to consider. Opus Plasma is truly a “first-of-
its-kind” skin treatment device that is not a laser, but rather uses the latest in aesthetic
technology. This modernistic approach is time-effective and has incredible results post-treatment. Opus plasma combines RF technology with microplasma energy to create
microscopic tunnels in the skin, which fully regenerates the skin by significantly enhancing
collagen production, leaving you with lasting, transformative results.

Plasma is a “hot” treatment across all fields of medicine because of its healing properties. Opus
Plasma is a step ahead of laser treatments. It uses high-frequency unipolar radiofrequency
energy to create tiny channels in the skin, this process then starts the body’s natural plasma
and collagen production in a wound-healing response to heal the skin. This delivers excellent
results for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. The use of micro-plasma with Opus Plasma comes
with unparalleled precision and with little downtime.

What Are the Benefits of the Opus Plasma Treatment?
This fractional plasma approach quickly dissolves inflammation, while simultaneously increasing
the levels of collagen production. This provides the patient with revolutionary skin renewal
results. Unlike other skin rejuvenation methods, Opus Plasma does not require recovery time.

Acne scars/scarring
Fine lines
Uneven texture

YOU-nique Treatments
Individuals who desire life-changing skin results but want to avoid the recovery time that other
skin resurfacing treatments have. Those who lack elasticity, tone, and balanced pigmentation
are perfect candidates. This technique also dramatically removes wrinkles, scars, stretch marks;
giving the skin a healthy, smooth texture with a luminous appearance. Our platform is
customized to fit your specific skin tone and skin type, and we adjust the technology to cater to
your desired results.
You will discuss with your provider about your skin goals and they will determine a perfectly
customized treatment, just for you! Opus Plasma can treat areas that laser can’t, like close in
the eye area. An Opus Plasma treatment typically takes 15-35 minutes, depending on the size of
the area(s) being treated.

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